What you do next matters. It is the little things, the small decisions that make up your life. It is usually not a big event (although they do happen) but it is normally the small unnoticed daily attitudes, lack of action, words that make up our life.  If you change, you might fail. If you don’t try and fail, you fail by default.  If you try again, you might actually succeed.

To live an abundant life and experience joy now, allow God to shine on you. Let others love you. Make the best decisions for you and your family.

Your present life should have these 3 things:

bigstockphoto_Family_In_Front_Of_House_3126394     HOME OWNERSHIP

It is the biggest investment decision most families will ever make. Make sure you do it correctly. Visit HERE to find out how to buy, 15 yr note or 30?  What credit score is needed? How much do you need to save? How much house can you afford?



BECOMING DEBT FREE 686555_debt_and_demand_2

Debt  not only robs your wallet, but robs your peace of mind as well. Do it now.Commit to living debt free. It is possible, get the whole family on board.



care 2


The right insurance is vital to not only protecting your home and car, but your income and health expenses as well.  The  right insurance will take care of your family should you suffer a loss of income or earning ability.  Which is best for you? Term? Whole Life?  What options are available?  Make sure you protect your valuable assets:  your home , life and health with the right amount of insurance. I am believer in HUGE deductions. Remember insurance is an EMERGENCY PLAN for MAJOR LEAGUE BAD THNGS !  It is not something to reduce life’s normal little hiccups, you should take care of those out your normal operating expenses.  It is only a safety net only,  not a part of your normal life.  Keep payments low and deductions big. Put your money in savings and investments not insurance.


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