My Testimony

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1990 God blessed us with 3 amazing boys, Hudson, Matthew, and Cody

I hesitate to write this as it indicates that this is “my story”. And there should be ” and she lived happily ever after, THE END”

But my story is not over.  I do enjoy an insane amount of joy, love, prosperity, and happiness. And maybe God wants me to share some of the good stuff.

We all go thru things, we all are members of the “walking wounded”. When you are in the middle of your mess or sorrow, it is of little comfort that someone else has a bigger mess.  Here is the short version of my mess, and I leave out some of the gory details.

My ignorant bliss came to a crashing halt shortly after I got married. I married a wonderful loving man, but the total lack of being prepared for adulthood threw us into great turmoil. We had a new baby and I was pregnant again,  had just lost a job,  landlord evicted us in favor of his daughter who needed the home, we were  in credit card debt with student loans and tax bill that took everything we had. I thought I was defeated before I really ever got in the game.

It doesn’t get much worse, I thought at the naive age of 22. Brian took a job that had him on the road most of the time.  I felt very alone. No home, no husband around, a child and a huge belly to remind me daily that there was another dilemma waiting.  So I went to live with my father-in-law.  Because he was on vacation, I had to break into his house.  But we had a place to sleep and that was something. This was back in the day, no cell phones. Father-in-law did not know he had a new family living in his house, and my husband did not know where we were either. He came in from the road, (finally) and to his surprise found another woman in our former rent house.  He had to make a few phone calls before re-uniting with us.

So this is where God and I had a “come to Jesus” meeting. I had proudly struck out on my own, and I felt I had failed miserably. My launch into adulthood was a disaster. I knew I was beyond my resources and abilities .  So I begged God to take care of me, my family, and my new baby as I had botched it badly.  And he was faithful. I felt his promise that He would never leave me or forsake me. I was a child of the King.

Once I knew that God was going to take care of me I left the self pity-party and began my life over. So the launch was a disaster, but who says we can’t start over?  Finishing my education and getting a job was out of the question as I was a new mother of 2 (and soon 3).  So I began my life as an entrepreneur. Each successful business grew and led to bigger opportunities, more money and more success.  I deleted the next 3 paragraphs here because it would bore you.

There were other terrible times ahead for me and my family.  I will spare you hot mess. But I had learned my lesson so I was able to weather the storms because I knew that God would never let go of my hand. Never.

Now I  have a Real Estate business , and team with my  husband who is a Loan Officer with Gold Financial. We enjoy working with each other and our clients.

from phone Oct 2013 217

I live a life full of gratefulness.  I am grateful for everything, even the trees,  sunshine  and such. Loving life begins with loving the beauty that surrounds us,  loving God, loving my husband and my sons. When you can honestly lay in your warm bed, with your covers up to your nose,  grateful that you can wiggle your toes, grateful for the snores of the man next to you, enjoy the sounds of the boys jostling in their beds upstairs, and its just a typical Monday morning… you have truly found happiness.

I whisper “Thank you Lord for the blessing in my life”

webber family engagement party

With one new addition: Maggie! (added in 2012 as a new daughter in law)




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