Mental Game

ski above the clouds Money is a mental game.

Because money can buy things that soothe our creature comforts  (good food, great coffee) , or boost our ego (designer labels, new car ) it has the tendency to be abused. Used for purposes that ultimately harm us rather than help us. You can almost judge a person’s maturity by how they handle their money. And most of the time we want what we want now,  not saving or investing for a future that is a foggy distant idea.

The more secure you are emotionally, the more secure you are financially.

I have written a lot about the mental side of money. The less you worry about what other people think of you, the more money you will have. And then take this money and SAVE  it and GIVE it.  God wrote a lot about money, his wisdom guides me.  I will add more links to this page over time, as change happens slowly.

I encourage you exercise Delayed Gratification. The entire world is out to separate you from your money. And they are darned clever about it. .  Be aware of how powerful marketing is, look for the trigger points that entice you to buy. You are innocent lambs among wolves.

 Start here: Change your thinking first. The rest falls into place after that.

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