Look in the mirror and say:

This video has been seen by 14,525,535 people.  Obviously it touches a place in all of us.  If you have seen it,  watch it again.  What we tell ourselves is so powerful that it shapes our personality and our life.

Some of us were raised by loving but cautious parents, therefor the world is dangerous and you can be easily intimidated by risks.  Some of us were raised by emotionally conservative parents that  held back loving words and hugs.  This keeps you doubting that anyone loves you and it can be hard to show love to others.  And we can all guess what happens when growing up in a house full of anger or hostility…

Some of the lucky ones were raised by loving and kind parents, they are the ones that help the rest of us out! 😉

Now  imagine that you are the child in this video.  Look in the mirror, how do you want to raise that child?   What do you want him or her to know?

Say it over and over, only then can you start to believe it.

Watch the video as many times as it takes.

Watch it until you can take on some of the beliefs about yourself that will help you grow, love, expand,  and succeed.


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