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Today’s Clean Slate Hump Day Coaching Call has it.

What does “success” mean to you? Is it building the business of your dreams? Creating opportunities in your life? Financial independence? Loving and uplifting relationships?

Super charged team of John Assaraf and Murry Smith, both multimillionaires and international business consultants teamed up to write an amazing book called ‘The Answer”. It is packed with both very weird and very practical how-to advice for creating an extraordinary life and successful business. It details the exact process they go thru daily for “empire building”.

Today’s Hump Day coaching call will begin with insightful advice about credit and qualifying for a home, live Q and A, so sign on early if you want to talk about it, then we will launch into the ideas put forth and lived by the authors.

NOON CENTRAL , 1 pm Eastern, 10 am Pacific
1 209 647 1600 code 440491

Recorded coaching call  6/11/2014

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