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I have never liked to be under someone else’s control. I believe I began my life with the uncontested and unbreakable attitude of “your not the boss of me” coiled around my spine. My parents never had a chance, school even less. My husband has managed to stick it out, so far. Because of this attitude, I never liked the feeling of someone else having the final say in my life. This pertains especially to money. Once I felt the constriction of too many bills, and not enough money, I went to work to change that. I hated the feeling of being under the control of debt and money. I was like Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind, raising my fist to the sky from my potato patch and vowing to never pay credit card minimums again!

I began to fight debt like the devil himself. Little by little we focused on paying off every one of our debts. I will never have another car payment because I greatly resent the idea that I have to work to pay for a stupid car. Who owns who? It irritated me. I may have doomed myself to driving a very used, very sensible car for the rest of my life, BUT, it won’t demand a portion of my income for the next 5 years! We also have always had 15 year mortgages. The interest savings are astounding. And I didn’t want my house to demand to be fed every month for 30 years either. That sounded like another form of control, with a lifetime sentence. Time has flown by, 15 years is half the time of a 30 year sentence. Put extra money towards the principle every month. (this little secret will save your THOUSANDS of dollars). This way you will retire this debt early and experience freedom sooner.

I loathe credit cards. Insidious inventions. They are like fat. It is so easy to gain a few pounds here and a few there, little by little, no big deal. Then one day your jeans don’t fit. Once fat has found a home on your hips, it sticks. It takes enormous effort, sweat and commitment to shed pounds. But it doesn’t take any of that to gain them. Credit Cards are the same. One pair of shoes, one nice dinner, one Christmas, and before you know it you have thousands of dollars of debt and you can barely make the minimums. The worst part is you are paying interest on food that is occupying the sewers, and interest on things that are most likely unseen or unused in the back of your closet or garage. We are not supposed to get anything we want, whenever we want it. This behavior always has consequences and none of them good.

Do not allow credit cards and debt to overcome your freedom. Do not rely on credit cards for convenience, soon all of the little charges add up to big debt. Fight the creeping constrictions of debt. Get free, and stay free.


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