Cool Summer Fun

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Below are some great ways to cool off, relax, and enjoy…
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If you want to escape the heat and enjoy a cool, dark movie theater enjoy this discounted Movie Ticket:
  (this is for Dallas Ft Worth TX area theaters, if it is not near you, try searching for theaters local to you, sorry…

I remember when my kids were little and our AC went out in July in Dallas.  We went to the local giant movie theater everyday until it was fixed.  We just migrated from movie to movie once we were in the door. Saw everything, …twice min. ( Smuggled in drinks and popcorn…don’t tell me you have NEVER done that.)  


For a completely different kind or night, try the Dueling Piano Bar and Pizza!
Why not? Here is a discounted ticket for cover fee and pizza:
OR :
If you want to stay in and  try your hand at cooking something fancy,
try ordering a box of amazing from
Use this code for $40 off :  JT8RZ9
This is good nationwide. (For those that missed the above deals)

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