Getting Approved means having a real conversation with a real person.

That is why there is no form here. We have to talk so you can be approved quickly for the home you want.

Go ahead and get with  Brian Webber  (click on link to email) Senior Mortgage Advisor with Gold Financial (and wonderful husband) for quick financial review to determine if you can be approved for a home now.

(940) 859-1477 is his cell phone, the best way to reach him.

Here is how to get approved fast without jumping thru endless hoops and forms. Be prepared to discuss your credit score, your monthly gross income, and your monthly debts. Have a quick and friendly conversation that will let you know if you are ready now and how much home you are qualified for .

No worries, if you are not able to buy now,  then Brian will work with you until you are.


Webber Family


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